Doctor and alternative medicine expert Deepak Chopra advocates for practicing gratitude as a way to counteract stress and to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

During a TIME 100 Talks interview on Friday with TIME senior editor Haley Sweetland Edwards, Chopra, who’s known for his spiritual approach to wellness, discussed how finding meaning through giving thanks can positively affect both mental and physical health.

“What’s really happening right now is the world is going through what I would call a grieving process,” Chopra says. “Grief is when you lose something that you assumed was normal, that you took for granted. And there are stages of grief; first there’s denial, then there’s anger, then there’s frustration, then there’s helplessness, then there’s resignation, but ultimately, for those of us who want to be aware, there has to be acceptance…because if you don’t, there’s no solution.”