The novel coronavirus has had a profound, dramatic impact on our world. Many of us are feeling overwhelmed right now—with the news, with data, and with the immediate impact of COVID-19 on lives and livelihoods of people around the globe. But while it’s still very much an ongoing situation, there is already a lot of talk about the scenarios that could unfold after the pandemic. Will we pick up where we left off? Or is this the beginning of a new chapter?

These questions are top of mind for professionals in transport, a sector that has been hit particularly hard by the crisis. Over recent weeks, falling demand and contagion risk have caused a drastic reduction in transport services all over the world. This might not be the first time that communities have had to suspend or limit transport for health reasons, but the scale of these restrictions is unprecedented. By showing what an immobile world looks like, this new reality has shed light on the centrality of transport in the global economy, and in all almost all aspects of our lives.