From the Seville April Fair to the Mercè festival in Barcelona, local authorities are looking for solutions that will allow these celebrations to go ahead in a post-COVID-19 context, which requires compliance with a strict framework of restrictions. As explained by the director of the UOC’s University Master’s Degree in Cultural Management, Alba Colombo, just as in other sectors, the health crisis has led to major cultural events across Europe being “cancelled, restricted or killed off”. While there is no doubt that certain areas, such as music and sports have been dealt a significant economic blow, the repercussions of the pandemic on the social and community spheres also need to be considered. According to the expert, a whole host of local cultural festivals are also suffering the effects. Colombo, who is currently the principal investigator of the European events and public spaces research project known as FestSpace, highlighted the existence of a number of trends that she feels are “enriching” and that point to new ways of celebrating events in a post-COVID-19 scenario.