In a context of unprecedented and universal challenges we, the local and regional governments around the world, are at the forefront of the efforts to overcome these proving times as allies of other spheres of government, of the scientific community, and as global actors with important transformational and convening power.
This pandemic has galvanized how critical our role is in raising public awareness and maintaining the functionality of basic public service provisions and has required the rapid development of new and adapted services to support sanitary measures, all while ensuring the protection of the local public officials who facilitate them.
Further, we are making special efforts to support the most vulnerable in our cities and towns, we are fostering solidarity among territories and putting measures in place against discrimination, exclusion, and addressing inequalities.
Solidarity has become a beacon of security, and it should guide the transformations we need. Local and regional governments have demonstrated their capacity to act as promoters and guardians of this solidarity both nationally and internationally.