The challenges placed on technology leaders are among the most multi-dimensional in which organizations have had to grapple. Virtually overnight, they have been asked to support a broad sweep of new pressures—changing customer demands to digital channels, reconfigured supply chains, additional necessary workforce collaboration capacity and bandwidth, licenses and equipment to support remote work, and a litany of other issues requiring immediate scale and resiliency.
Although there is no proven roadmap available for dealing with a global humanitarian crisis with the scale of COVID-19, we believe that leaders at all levels will need to act across three phases. Globally, technology decision makers in every organization have already made significant choices to Respond to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis with speed to maximize the safety of employees and ensuring continuity of business. Gradually, as the pandemic begins to evolve, they will have to transition into the next two phases: Recover – during which an organization learns and emerges stronger from its response; and Thrive – in which the organization prepares for and shapes the “next normal.”