Besides delivery service, choosing in-store or curbside pickup may become a preferred method. Needless to say, e-commerce has seen a huge spike and major e-commerce players are teaming up. Shipping lines have taken notice by offering premium express lanes in the Transpacific.
Expedited shipping services offer value-added options. They also serve as a great alternative to the more expensive air freight option. Such services include Matson’s CLX, APL’s EXX and ZIM’s eCommerce Xpress. These services provide money back guarantees that the cargo will arrive on time. The transit time is 10-12 days from Shanghai or Yantian to LAX, depending on the service string. Once the cargo arrives LAX port the containers will be available for pickup within 24 hours. Quick turn times are available as well, truckers get in and get out of the terminal within 30 minutes or less.