Cities are currently being tested to the extreme with the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).
Simultaneously a health crisis, social crisis, and economic crisis, COVID-19 is laying bare how well cities are planned and managed. Its impact is showing the extent to which each city is able to function – or not – especially during times of crisis.
COVID-19 is a massive challenge for cities on the front line, rich and poor alike. The measures taken to control the spread of the virus are having massive implications on cities due to their economic structure; their preparedness for such a crisis, especially the state of their public health and service delivery systems; and the extent to which their population’s health and livelihoods are vulnerable.
In normal times, there might be many attributes that cities strive to compete on and excel at the global level including livability, competitiveness, and sustainability. But in any given day and especially in a time of crisis, a city must function well for its citizens.